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Water Restoration tips to mitigate damage for home owners and commercial operators

5/30/2023 (Permalink)

Water boots standing in water When water damage happens - be more prepared with tip and knowhow.

Water damage can be a costly and stressful situation for homeowners and commercial business owners alike. Here are some tips to help prevent and mitigate water damage:

For Homeowners:

Inspect and maintain your home's plumbing: Regularly inspect and maintain your home's plumbing to ensure that there are no leaks or damaged pipes. If you do discover a leak, have it repaired immediately to prevent further damage.

Install a sump pump: If you live in an area prone to flooding or heavy rainfall, consider installing a sump pump in your basement to prevent water from seeping into your home.

Monitor your appliances: Check your appliances, such as your washing machine and dishwasher, for signs of wear and tear or leaks. Replace any damaged or worn parts as soon as possible.

Keep gutters and downspouts clean: Regularly clean out your gutters and downspouts to ensure that water is properly directed away from your home.

Know where your shut-off valves are: In the event of a water emergency, it's important to know where your shut-off valves are located. Make sure all household members know where they are and how to turn them off.

For Commercial Business Owners:

Create an emergency response plan: Develop an emergency response plan in case of a water damage event. Make sure all employees know their roles and responsibilities in the event of an emergency.

Regularly inspect your property: Conduct regular inspections of your property to identify potential water damage risks, such as leaks, clogged drains, and faulty plumbing.

Install an automatic shut-off valve: Consider installing an automatic shut-off valve in your building's water supply line to prevent water damage in the event of a leak or burst pipe.

Invest in quality equipment: Invest in high-quality equipment, such as dehumidifiers and water extractors, to quickly and effectively remove water from your property.

Work with a professional restoration company: Partner with a professional restoration company, like SERVPRO of McCall ID, to develop an emergency response plan and to provide prompt and efficient water damage restoration services.

By following these tips, you can help prevent water damage from occurring in your home or commercial property, and you can mitigate the damage if an emergency does occur.

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